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A log house in Orillia Township (Simcoe County),

 Ontario painted in 1844 by Titus Hibbert Ware.

Courtesy Toronto Reference Library

Welcome to the English to Canada web-site - the web-site for people whose ancestors emigrated from England to Canada. If any of your ancestors came from England this web-site should help you find out:

  • The reasons why your ancestors left England.

  • Why your ancestors emigrated when they did.

  • Where in England your ancestors may have come from.

  • The factors which caused them to settle in a particular part of Canada.

  • And, possibly, which ship they sailed in.

The information on this site is provided by Dr. Lucille H. Campey - a recognised authority on emigration from Britain to Canada. It is based on her detailed research of English emigration to Canada which has been documented in three books which together form a series The English in Canada.

  • Planters, Paupers and Pioneers - English settlers in Atlantic Canada.

  • Seeking a Better Future: The English settlers of Ontario and Quebec.

  • Ignored but not Forgotten: Canada's English Immigrants. [This book also covers English emigration to the Prairie Provinces and British Columbia.]


To explore this web-site simply follow the links at the side of this page. If you want general information follow the link to Canada's English Immigrants. If you want to learn more about English immigration to a particular province, follow the provincial links. If you want more details about Lucille's books and how to order them follow the link to The Books.

There is a video of a lecture that Lucille gave about the subject of English emigration to Canada it can be found here.

Lucille can be contacted by e-mail. Her address is:

Thank you for visiting our web site.